We want every moment spent with your Fucking Sculpture to be organically orgasmic and deliciously delightful. We’re not satisfied unless you’re completely and totally satisfied (wouldn’t we make the perfect partner?). To this end, selection of your personal Fucking Sculpture is crucial. If we may, a few tips…


Length is most important to our lovely customers with larger bodies. The longer handles will make your experience easier and more pleasurable. For our more petite customers the choice is yours- the smaller ones will probably provide enough handle and enough length to still fully enjoy yourself. However, feel free to select a longer model as well. Your body will accept as much as it wants to. You’ll know what feels good.


Here is where we will remind you of the stability and hardness of glass. Don’t go too big! Too big = no fun. That said we have found that widths of 2-2.5” are totally manageable for those folks with smaller vaginal entrances. So don’t be too nervous about this aspect, just be aware of the realities of dense matter.


Various designs produce various effects. Those dildos with the most curve to them will be best suited for g-spot pleasure. Dildos with a straighter appearance will shine when used for a good, hard fucking. Ridges and spirals provide additional sensation. Daydream, imagine, and ask questions. There is a perfect piece out there for you.


You may have different considerations based on whether you intend to be the receiver of pleasure or the giver. Do you want one with a more significant handle? Perhaps one with a handle that curves downward, lending itself to “fucking and sucking” as it were (i.e. the handle is out of the way so that you may penetrate someone with the glass while simultaneously giving them oral pleasure).

Selecting the right Fucking Sculpture is a personal and fun decision. Let your cunt be your guide. And remember that your total satisfaction is at the heart of this important purchase. So use us! (please?) You have our total consent. Contact us with any questions or concerns that may arise as you ponder your pleasure. We offer our total support and will answer any question- silly, sexy, or serious.

About Fucking Sculptures
Fucking Sculptures are individually made pieces of fine, fucking art. Each piece is hand-sculpted, unique and perfect in its own way; crafted with intentionality and mindfulness to invite pleasure through all the senses. Fucking Sculptures are contrastingly playful and heavy, genderless and gendered, beautiful and crude.
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