Safe is Sexy

Glass dildos are safe. Super duper safe. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me explain why:

Glass is chemically inert.

What this basically means is that glass will not react with your body. It wants to stay just the way it is. It will not impart any of its chemical qualities to you or you to it. Glass is a very body-friendly, non-toxic substance and something you can feel happy and wonderful about having up inside your lovely cootchie.

Glass is non-porous.

What a dreamy medium for a sex toy! Non-porous means that glass is impermeable to fluids. Thus, it’s incredibly easy to keep clean and enjoy for years to come.

It will not break inside your body.

It just won’t. Glass is incredibly hard and even if your pussy clenching powers are at their peak (we’ve all been practicing our kegels, right?) you will never break this dildo with your vagina. Now dropping it on the floor is another matter altogether…

Our dildos are made of Soda-Lime glass.

Soda-Lime glass is the most common form of glass produced.  It has all of the wonderful properties listed above. However, it does not like to be plunged into boiling water. Don’t do it. Once again, since glass is non-porous, you will have no need to boil it. Just wash your dildo with your favorite mild soap and warm water and you and your Fucking Sculpture will have a long, healthy, and pleasurable life together.

About Fucking Sculptures
Fucking Sculptures are individually made pieces of fine, fucking art. Each piece is hand-sculpted, unique and perfect in its own way; crafted with intentionality and mindfulness to invite pleasure through all the senses. Fucking Sculptures are contrastingly playful and heavy, genderless and gendered, beautiful and crude.
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