Use & Care

Fucking Sculptures are to be used forvaginal stimulation only. They do not have the flared base or handle necessary for safe anal play. They are also not meant to be used as strap-ons; the glass is too heavy to be supported by a harness. Otherwise, Fucking Sculptures can be used and cared for like your typical glass dildo. You may warm it, cool it, and even put it in the dishwasher- all glass is chemically and physically stable within human limits and will not break itself. Please follow these simple steps for a lifetime of art appreciation.

Warm, cool or room temp, your Fucking Sculpture may be enjoyed at a variety of temperatures. Simply place in a bowl of hot tap water or perhaps chill in the freezer for a few minutes. Other guidelines include:

  • Do NOT store in freezer.
  • Do NOT move directly from one extreme temperature to another.
  • Do NOT put directly in boiling water.
  • DO ENJOY! (often)

Store your Fucking Sculpture in a safe, cozy place (it is glass after all!). Or display it on a shelf (it is art after all!) We’ll leave that part up to you.

Clean your FS with warm water and a mild soap. Easy.

About Fucking Sculptures
Fucking Sculptures are individually made pieces of fine, fucking art. Each piece is hand-sculpted, unique and perfect in its own way; crafted with intentionality and mindfulness to invite pleasure through all the senses. Fucking Sculptures are contrastingly playful and heavy, genderless and gendered, beautiful and crude.
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