Why Was The Iconic Wall Street Bull Statue Covered In Sex Toys?

People use pranks to spread the word quickly and that is exactly what happened in Wall Street recently. The famous bull statue on Wall Street was decorated with sex toys while a man rode the rode in numerous pictures. However, people, in the beginning, were confused as to what was happening. This article throws a little light on this topic.

What actually happened?

It was basically a prank where the bull statue on Wall Street was covered with colorful dildos while a man wearing a mask of Vladimir Putin rode the bull. This phenomenon was widely shared on social media platforms like Twitter and gained a huge response from people as it accumulated massive likes, shares, and comments.

It has come to the fact that over 130 different size and colorful dildos were used in a genius way to decorate the bull.

What is the meaning of this stunt?

Though it is not clear completely clear as to what its meaning is but people have concluded that it was to protest against the Russian President who is believed to have meddled with US election.

The statue of charging bull means power and strength of American people. However, covering it with sex toys and riding it in Putin’s mask was just to demonstrate how the Russian President might be meddling with US elections and controlling the USA.

Who did it?

It had come to the Police’s attention that a noodle shop owner Jeff Jetton pulled this prank as the mask didn’t do much of the job. Hence, he was tracked down easily and was called to the station for a citation.

According to various sources, it has come to light that all of the dildos were donated by an adult entertainment company. However, there is no proof of it yet and can’t be taken action against it.

How did people react?

The sex toys stuck to the bull have divided people into two groups, one of which liked it and the other criticized the work heavily. People, who like this stint have shared, liked and commented on the pictures which were uploaded on social media. However, several critics think this prank is nothing but a needlessly homophobic stunt.

The prankster admitted to not referring it to a homosexual relationship between the two Presidents. According to him, people can interpret it any way they want to. He just had over 100 dildos donated to him and he put it to use which he though would be massively funny to everyone.

Numerous sex toys have been used in different ways to protest against various topics over the years. However, this was something which none could imagine before. It is hilarious to most of the people and has been seen as a joke.

Is this the stop or just beginning of something; everyone will have to wait for it. Only clear thing about this prank is that dildos can be used imaginatively if one wants and which portrays more than sexual innuendo.

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