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That’s right! It’s our favorite time of year again; Masturbation May! Let’s be real for a moment, we here at Fucking Sculptures celebration masturbation every, single, day. And why not?! Masturbation is SO GOOD for you that’s it hard not to think about it… do it… love it…every day!

This year we’ve chosen the theme #love4life. Masturbation May is the time to start your life-long love affair with yourself! Masturbation is about self-discovery and self-pleasure. It’s about you! And the path to self love is one that it’s never too late to start down. But why not begin today? Or…right now!


Celebrating Masturbation May with us is Bay Area-based, queer porn performer Vivi Marie! Vivi has been through her own personal journey of re-discovering her own love affair with herself through masturbation and porn performance. We’re thrilled to have her cute smile on our Masturbation May promotions and to support her #love4life. If you want to see more than a cute smile (you do!) then check out her twitter feed.

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Fucking Sculptures are individually made pieces of fine, fucking art. Each piece is hand-sculpted, unique and perfect in its own way; crafted with intentionality and mindfulness to invite pleasure through all the senses. Fucking Sculptures are contrastingly playful and heavy, genderless and gendered, beautiful and crude.
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