Review Round-up: Tips from the Pros

Each year Fucking Sculptures sends out a handful of free dildos to sex toy reviewers and bloggers. These reviews are a helpful service to the community and are meant to provide information that makes your dildo decision making a little simpler. They give you their honest opinion, the good, the bad and the ugly. But let’s be real, there’s nothing ugly about a Fucking Sculpture and the comments are almost all good. However, personal preferences vary and these bloggers can provide you with some real world critiques that will help you choose the dildo of your dreams. Enjoy!

7.23.15 The G-Spoon by Blissfully Orgasmic

This dildo feels amazing in use: it is the perfect size to massage my G-spot with ease and really produces some powerful internal orgasms.

5.18.15 The Hooded Nun by Beck and Her Kinks

It’s not just a glass dildo. It’s art and it’s uniquely yours. It’s your Fucking Sculpture. Should anything happen to your Fucking Sculpture, there is a lifetime guarantee that you get one free replacement.

4.13.15 The G-Spoon by Slutty Girl Problems

Plus, it’s body safe, non porous, easy to use, easy to clean, and can be heated or chilled for temperature play. I would highly recommend the G-Spoon, especially if you love g-spot stimulation or want to give it a try for the first time.

3.11.15 The G-Spoon by Emmeline Peaches

The G-Spoon has quickly become my go-to dildo and with good reason; when I’m not using it I crave it and when I am it gives me reason to crave it so strongly.

3.5.15 Double Trouble Part 1 by Sex-ational

There have been all sorts of porn performer/sex toy manufacturer collaborations over the years, but there has never been one quite like this- with an artisan, handmade, beautiful body safe sculpture that’s for fucking and a prolific queer porn performer, producer, and director, both of whom consider themselves feminist behind this, you know you’ve got something unique.

3.5.15 Double Trouble Part 2 by Sex-ational

It can be hard to believe that this piece of art- made exclusively for fucking- was made by human hands, but it was. Each Fucking Sculptures piece is worked by a master glassblower, bringing forth this majesty from molten light.

11.6.14 The G-Spoon by Aerie’s Room

The surface of my G-Spoon has an iridescent mirrory glaze; a muted rainbow effect with highlights of jade green, indigo, and molasses. When sunlight streams through, the glass transforms into a radiant molten honey hue.

7.30.14 The G-Spoon by Behind the Chintz Curtain

 While there’s not getting around the fact that this is a hefty sex toy it’s exceptionally well shaped – almost dish-like in its curvature – and it fits the body extremely well.

7.15.14 The Corkscrew by Autostraddle

If you want something with form and function in equal measure, this is the most beautiful option out there.

7.8.14 The G-Spoon by Erika Moen and Oh Joy Sex Toy!

The thing about glass toys is that they are sturdy…I dropped my G-Spoon on the marble floor of my office building…and it didn’t so much as leave a scratch- let alone chip or crack.

5.17.14 The G-Spoon by Epiphora

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most gorgeous toys I own. It looks like one of those vintage distressed tables you’d see on Pinterest.



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