Fierce and Fiery

Celebrating 4 Years of Fucking Sculptures

It’s our yearly celebration with dildos, debauchery and dancing. Hot furnace, molten glass, cocktails, dildos arising like phoenix from the flames and a dance floor that will be equally on firrrrrre!

We will be sculpting dildos all night long under the light of the full moon. Have something special in mind? Deserve an extra special gift right now? (hint: you do) Then email maria (at) to pre-order your dildo then watch it sculpted before your very eyes OR make your own, simple, beautiful dildo at the party. Our artists will guide you through this fun, erotic, and personal experience. Again, contact us for details!

Fucking Sculptures is an experiment dedicated to creating beautiful and unique, handcrafted glass dildos. We have been praised in the sex toy world for our commitment to gender inclusive language and creating gender neutral dildos for all body types. This is our 4 year anniversary of making fine, fucking art!


Russel E.L. Butler

Russel E.L. Butler

Russell E. L. Butler//Black Jeans (DJ set): “All that you touch you change. All that you change, changes you.”

Cherushii (DJ set): Chelsea Faith, an electronic musician, producer, and live performer based in San Francisco creating lush, retro-futurist productions.



Jeweled Snakes: Futuristic, proto industrial synth punk taking the listener into a shaking canyon of hypersexualized pleasure, pain, and confusion.

MOM: SF Performance artist MOM will ring in the midnight hour of our Full Moon Dildo Disco with…well, anything is possible…

SPRAY TAN: This Oakland punk three-piece labels itself “genderqueer shameless slutrock,” and its music is a bold, in-your-face celebration of self-expression that’s not limited by the binary of male vs. female. 





$$CASH BAR$$ This event is free and open to the public, but in our commitment to paying all the artists and performers we ask that you please consider buying some drinks from the bar or, better yet, BUY A DILDO! (credit cards accepted)


From SaferSpacesNYC: “A safer space is a supportive, non-threatening environment that encourages open-mindedness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety. It is a space that is critical of the power structures that affect our everyday lives, and where power dynamics, backgrounds, and the effects of our behavior on others are prioritized. It’s a space that strives to respect and understand survivors’ specific needs. EVERYONE WHO ENTERS A SAFER SPACE HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO UPHOLD THE VALUES OF THE SPACE.” Yes, dildos are fun and sexy and even silly. We are here to dance, laugh, have a good time, and warm ourselves by the furnace. Please do not detract from another’s positive experience through oppressive behaviors. If you do, you will be asked to leave. Please DO enjoy yourself, make new friends, and express yourself!

The venue is wheelchair accessible but the restroom is not (narrow, small step-up). The glass studio is very dusty. Those with respiratory issues or allergies please take note.

About Fucking Sculptures
Fucking Sculptures are individually made pieces of fine, fucking art. Each piece is hand-sculpted, unique and perfect in its own way; crafted with intentionality and mindfulness to invite pleasure through all the senses. Fucking Sculptures are contrastingly playful and heavy, genderless and gendered, beautiful and crude.
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