What Are The Most Popular Sex Museums In The World?

Are you curious to visit a sex museum? Then you have hit the exact location as here you will get to learn about the world’s most popular sex museums. These museums will let you experience the weirdest and the kinkiest sex toys ever. So start exploring from the very first one and grab all the details about them well in advance before visiting them.

Museum of Sex

Located in New York, the Museum of Sex was founded in 2002 and has got a lot of erotic stuff in it. There are more than 15000 artifacts displayed in this museum that are worth a sight. The museum often holds several exhibitions that are really exciting and caters to the interests of both men and women.

Venustempel Sexmuseum

This sex museum is located in Amsterdam and has its roots back in 1985. It is filled up with more than thousands of sex toys that are spread on the three floors of the museum. This museum experiences thousands of footfalls every year and its popularity is incomparable.

The Museum of Prostitution

The Museum of Prostitution holds the real essence of a brothel and the life of prostitutes. Besides sex toys, there are a lot more in this museum that can give you an insight into the profession. A brothel has been reconstructed into this museum and you will feel the emotions of a prostitute the moment you step into the building.

The Erotic Museum

This museum is smaller in size if compared to that of the others on this list. But do not judge it by its size as it holds the biggest wonders of the sex world in it. You can expect to have a lot of fun time in this museum and it will surely find a special place in the memories of your Amsterdam trip.

World Erotic Art Museum

Abbreviated as WEAM, this museum is located in one of the world’s most famous cities. The contents of this museum are diversified into multiple sections and have got the most advanced sex toys displayed for the sex-addicts. There is also a corner in this museum that is dedicated especially to the LGBT group.

The Beate Uhse Erotik Museum

Berlin has in store one of the world’s most famous sex museums that are huge in size. This is an interactive museum that is constantly making efforts in improving and upgrading its features. There are many games that the visitors can indulge in and have fun. The museum authority also emphasizes educating the visitors with all the needful.

Erotic Art Museum

This one is located in Hamburg, Germany, and is built with the most lucrative sexual objects. The museum is always open for the visitors and there is so much to explore within it. You can explore some of the most erotic arts that are displayed in various sections of this museum.

Therefore it is time that you get over petty sex toys and visit one of these world’s kinkiest places to witness real pleasure.